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  • Google's Pixel C tablet is its best yet video

    Source: CNET

    I'm not exaggerating when I say the Google Pixel C is the best Android tablet ever. I mean just look at it. In addition to it's gorgeous screen and fast performance, it's built like a dream. The aluminum construction looks and feels great and its

  • Best Buy Cyber Monday 2015 deals on laptops, tablets, desktops

    Source: ZDNet

    For much, much less, Best Buy has a 7-inch DigiLand Android tablet for $39.99, or its own Insignia brand 10-inch Android slate for $129.99. There are many more specials on trendy 2-in-1 laptops that cost more, but provide more functionality than pure

  • Tech review: Adrian Weckler on the latest gadgets

    Source: Irish Independent

    Want a thin, ultra-powerful laptop with a 4K touchscreen which rotates into a tablet? Toshiba looks like it has you covered with its latest offering, the 12.5-inch Satellite Radius 12. It has a very high resolution screen that flips over to become a

  • Toshiba TransferJet Wireless Adapter


    Windows 7 did not automatically install a driver, but we were able to find and install the TransferJet application easily enough from On the Acer Android tablet, we searched for “TransferJet” in the Google Play store, and 

  • Toshiba Portege Z20t review

    Source: Digital Trends

    As a tablet alone, it's a bit chunky, even though the Core M processor requires no fan to keep it cool. At just over 12 inches wide and three eighths of an inch thick, it feels wide and heavy if you're used to iPads or Android tablets. The screen

  • Which tablet is right for you? We help you decide between Android, iOS, Windows and Amazon


    Samsung and Sony are the best-known brands in the Android tablet game, but LG, Acer, Asus and Toshiba are other dependable brands. Google also co-develops tablets such as the Nexus 9, which it made with HTC. Some of these companies add their own apps and ...

  • The Toshiba TT301 is a massive 24-inch Android tablet


    In some parts of the world (and Texas) they seem to think bigger is better. Toshiba has followed that same line of thinking with the Toshiba TT301 as it’s an absolutely massive 24-inch tablet that just happens to run Android. Tablets are popular for a ...

  • Massive 24-inch Toshiba tablet runs Android, but also works as a wireless computer monitor


    If this new slate is anything to go by, Toshiba clearly isn’t worried about Android tablets getting a little smaller and missing out on the trend. Wy? The new TT301 tablet has a gigantic 24-inch display. That’s twice the size of a Microsoft Surface Pro ...

Toshiba Android Tablet LetsGoMobile

Toshiba Android Tablet LetsGoMobile

Toshiba Android Tablet

Toshiba Android Tablet

Toshiba AT200 Android tablet LetsGoMobile

Toshiba AT200 Android tablet LetsGoMobile

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