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  • Surface RT tablets won't get their Windows 10-like update until September

    Source: PCWorld

    Many Windows 8.1 users are getting their free upgrade to Windows 10 in the coming weeks, but Surface 2 tablets and other Windows RT slates won't see an update until September, a Microsoft executive recently said. Even then, the ARM-based tablets won't 

  • Microsoft brings the Windows 10 Start Menu to Surface RT

    Source: Engadget

    Microsoft has released an update for its orphaned Windows RT 8.1 OS that gives it a Windows 10-like Start menu, according to users who've downloaded it. That's good news for owners of the original Surface and Surface 2 RT hybrid laptops, or those who 

  • Microsoft Brings Windows 10 Start Menu To Surface RT

    Source: Tech Times

    Windows RT users are about to receive the long-promised and expected update for their OS. Alongside important tweaks and debugs, Surface RT or Surface 2 tablet owners get an updated design that is inspired by Windows 10. It seems that this is the final 

  • Microsoft confirms charger recall affecting Surface RT, Surface Pro 2 and Pro 3

    Source: Inquirer

    MICROSOFT'S recently-announced Surface Pro charger recall followed 56 reports of cables catching fire, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The recall, which was announced two weeks ago, has seen Microsoft urge 2.25 

  • Is the iPad Pro really a laptop-killer, or just Apple's Microsoft Surface RT?

    Source: Christian Science Monitor

    Apple's jumbo-sized iPad Pro will go on sale Wednesday. But early reviews seem to point to some limitations with its software, leading to comparisons to other tablets that tried to bridge the gap between mobile devices and laptops.

  • Will Microsoft Dominate Apple in High-End Tablets?


    Under former CEO Steve Ballmer, the company took a near $1 billion writedown for the first-gen Surface RT tablets. IDC's data points toward having current CEO Satya Nadella turn the Surface brand into a success with its current-gen Surface Book and Surface ...

  • Microsoft was right about Surface! Detachable tablet sales set to explode thanks to Windows


    Windows on a tablet was not ideal, and it made lap-typing damn-near impossible. Worst of all, Surface RT confused consumers, tainting the Surface branding entirely. A detachable laptop/tablet was a massive failure, right? Wrong. Microsoft persevered ...

  • Windows 10 RT Might Still Exist After All


    Back in 2012, when Microsoft rolled out the first tablet part of the Surface lineup ... As a result, the original Surface RT proved to be quite a flop, with Microsoft itself coming down to a $900 million (€850 million) write-down in order to adjust ...

Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet features a 10.6 inch, 1366 x 768 pixel ...

Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet features a 10.6 inch, 1366 x 768 pixel ...

Surface RT 10.6" tablet Folio hoes case cover hoesje ROZE

Surface RT 10.6" tablet Folio hoes case cover hoesje ROZE

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