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  • Black Friday Guide: The Best Deals On Tablets, Smartphones And PCs

    Source: Forbes

    The once-a-year shopping extravaganza known as Black Friday is again upon us. And as usual, it brings some of the year's best deals for technology buyers. With slowing growth in the tablet market and an increasing array of choices, some of the

  • Tech gifts for the geek who already has everything

    Source: Phys.Org

    These days, they have smartphones, big-screen TVs and laptops, and probably a tablet and a video game console or two - those products account for more than half of all electronics spending in the U.S. So what do you get your geeks if they have all that

  • Six hot startups in cool Copenhagen

    Source: VentureBeat

    The software platform allows students to simulate experiments, such as studying recombinant DNA in a molecular cloning lab, with state of the art equipment using only a computer or tablet. Gamified If entitled to reimbursement, users can then

  • 13 Reasons I'd Still Pick Nintendo's Wii U Over the PS4 and Xbox One

    Source: TIME

    A year ago, the argument over which game console to buy went something like this: The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were shiny black spec-troves of next-gen performance assurances glossed with wishful gameplay hypotheticals wrapped around the reality 

  • Here's why JB Hi-Fi Limited should have a merry Christmas and top 2015

    Source: Motley Fool Australia

    It's crunch time for Australian retailers. Can they end the year with a gift from Santa or visit from Scrooge? Here's why the stock below could well be in store for higher sales and potential earnings now and into 2015. A Commbank survey of 1,000

  • 10 Keys to a Successful Tablet Adoption


    Two years ago, the school invested in 178 tablets, and third-grade teacher Tanya Garza has used the devices in class on a daily basis ever since. Here, she offers ten tips to help make tablet adoptions ... sketch on her own computer, showing what each ...

  • How to use your tablet as a second monitor for your computer


    During the installation, there are no unusual settings to configure, but you may want to select the "Just myself" option so that desktop extension is only available to your own user ... ANDROIDPIT Make sure that your computer and tablet are connected ...

  • How to get more storage space for your tablet


    If you own ... your content with family and friends. Turn on automatic back-up on a tablet by going to the app menu, selecting Settings – Automatic Backup and turn the toggle On. On a tablet or phone you can choose to back-up Pictures and Videos, on a PC ...

Make Your Own Transparent Tablet PC

Make Your Own Transparent Tablet PC

Build your own Windows 7 powered Tablet PC in under $500-4

Build your own Windows 7 powered Tablet PC in under $500-4

Build your own Windows 7 powered Tablet PC in under $500-1

Build your own Windows 7 powered Tablet PC in under $500-1

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